Monday, June 10, 2013

Wait Terrible Twos Already?

The last few weeks have been crazy. Austin has been on an absolute terror. He has managed to climb and or destroy every barrier in our house and yard. The temper tantrums are out of this world crazy and the whining wont stop....What has happened to my sweet baby boys.
Life is busy as usual and we have finally hit the 20 month mark. It is amazing to think we have managed to keep our children and marriage alive this long. Austin is definitely are more challenging little boy but he has so much love well...they both do. They are sweet to one another other then the occasional water or sand over the head. They do compete for my attention a lot. Jason has this laugh that lights you up even after the longest day of toddlers you cant help but laugh with him. I know more challenges lie ahead I just hope there is enough wine supply to carry me through :)
Next month will be a very busy one for us. Rob and I celebrate our most favorite holiday on the 4th and then our 7 year anniversary is on the 8th. Can you believe 7 years has gone by? I am so glad I am on this crazy journey with him I cant imagine a more supportive loving husband...or a better dad for my boys. After that my grandmama turns 80 and the whole family is coming to the lake house YIPPEE. Hurry up June be over! Well I have like 30 minutes until Jason wakes up from his nap and I need some vitamin D.

Monday, May 6, 2013

I am Baaaack!

Gosh it has been an eternity but I feel like my head is slowly rising from the sand. The boys are big and I mean really big. I thought Austy was ready to move out last year but this year I am sure he is going to be our Mr. Independent. Jason is a sweety. He melts your heart with his charm and his gorgeous baby blue eyes. Oh and this stay at home mom thing actually has its perks. I quit using make up except on special occasions and my uniform rocks as long as its clean. You can say that life at the Oliver house is going well.

We made it through a weekend with a mom visit and I got to have my Gall Bladder taken out. I can eat what I want now...well no grease..but jeez. The boys are napping in their cribs once every afternoon. We have the backyard basically set up to run a daycare but no you can't drop your kids off sorry...its a private care facility. I know my boys are spoiled.

Austin is trying to walk down stairs like a big boy. He loves rakes, brooms and the swiffer. I know what your thinking but they are to young to rent out :) He loves eating anything fruit and eating applesauce with his big boy spoon. He is a snuggler and doesn't miss an episode of Bubble Guppies...EVER!

Jason is sweet. He likes to be a little helper. He brings daddy's work boots to him every morning and puts them in the closet every night. He likes watching the garbage truck drive by the house every Tuesday. Jason likes eating almost anything but fruit ....he is my veggie man. This boy would rather eat a green bean than watermelon. He also loves the good stuff ie cookies, brownies, chips and dip. He has the sweet tooth of the bunch. Jason can climb anything and everything we really have to watch him :)

Like I said life around the Oliver house is good and entertaining. I promise to try keeping you informed better from here on out with what we are up to. Have a great to lay by the pool...kiddie pool that is.

Monday, September 10, 2012

One year later...almost

With my birthday fast approaching...YIKES I will be 33. I am finding myself reflecting on the last year. What a wild ride it has been. I was not near ready enough on my birthday last year for what was about to send my world into a frenzied spiral. I cannot say that a year later I have anymore wisdom or control in my life now. I guess I feel like I should but my life has turned out much different than expected. I am making this all sound bad but its not bad it is just so much different. For instance I quit my county job. A job that I worked incredibly hard for many years. My day is now filled with laundry and emptying the dishwasher. There is nothing in my day that is glamorous or even worth writing about except my two beautifully growing boys. That is the difference from last year to this one. Its not about me anymore not one bit. It is about them.

One of the hardest decisions I have to say would not be quitting my job surprisingly. On Friday we gave up our beloved Lab Doc. We had been talking about it for some time and knew that it was indeed time for him to leave our family. He wasn't good with the kids it turns out and never really adapted over the last year. We had been putting it off and putting it off. The time came and now its done. I have to say I know that it was the right decision but tell that to my heart and it disagrees. I cannot go a day without crying and I have not felt so much pain in a very long time. Like I said before my world this past year has changed so much. I don't really even recognize myself anymore. I am a new Amy...One without a county job, a black dog and mascara. Although I don't really miss the make up.

In the next few weeks we will hit the big one year birthday milestone. I have been waiting for this day a long time and I just knew things would be so much easier by then right?!? HA! Not happening that way quite as planned. I am hoping the next blog entry I write I will tell you about an easy day...but as honesty would have it there has not been many of those in a very long time for the Oliver family. I know that everyday is worth it though when the boys giggle at each other and give us big smiles. because life will never be the same for us again....parenthood is a wild ride full of twists and turns of fate. I am anxious to see where it takes us in the next year. I cannot even guess where I will be on my next birthday. I promise to start writing more ...but we will see if the boys allow such time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Switcheroo

My boys have traded places....Now Austin is in a good place and sleeping and eating well. Jason however has turned into a nightmare sleeper. We are working on week 2 of sleep training. I hate sleep training. I use the very controversial cry it out method because my boy is so stubborn we cannot do it any other way. Actually Jason is crying as I type. He refuses to nap during the day which makes for a very grumpy, sleepy, unhappy baby. I have tried everything but letting him cry so that is what is on the agenda.

Austins poop- I have never talked about poop so much in my life! We switched Austins formula and ever since he has been well, constipated. SUCKS! I had to have one of those mommy moments a couple weeks back when you must do the dreaded suppository bleh....Now we are on to prune juice in bottles once a day. THANK YOU PRUNES.

FYI Jason won the first battle of the day one begins at noon. Bring popcorn and a stiff drink for momma please. I hate my rule of no drinks until 5....especially on days like today!

We are now feeding the boys solids...I bought a baby bullet and I am making the boys their food. I think if I could puree everything on the grown up menu I would be considered a great cook tee hee. The boys think that its something fantastic so I must be doing pretty good.

We made a trip down to Eugene last week and I would say over all the trip was a HUGE success. Both boys slept in a pack in play for the first time EVER! Funny thing is that Jason got his own room because the difficult man that he is would keep Austin and I up at all hours.....I can already see the man that he is shaping up to be. PLEASE LET THIS PASS.....PLEASE! Why won't this kid sleep. The million dollar question that is making this mom a straight crazy person. UGH! It was wonderful to see all the family and especially my mom. I swear the minute you have children your mom becomes the most important resource in the world.

My chunk a munks already plotting against me...Please have mercy!

Monday, February 20, 2012

All about Austin

HE ROLLED OVER!!!! and of course I missed it :( I was changing a poopy diaper from Jason and I heard Rob get all excited downstairs. He rolled from his tummy to his back. We are thinking it was on accident because he hasn't done it again. But next time I will be ready! Austin has been feeling so much better since we put him on this new formula called Nutramigen ...crazy expensive but it is lactose free. This makes all to much since that his tummy has been so upset...daddy is lactose intolerant. The formula smells so bad and it took a whole day of mixing old and new to get him to drink it and I still don't think he likes it. His poops awful...seriously I try to pawn him off to daddy as soon as I hear the familiar grunting coming from my little man. ugh no thanks! It has taken almost 5 months to figure out how to make this kid garage sale toys and smelly formula...what a boy!

The Gift

For Valentines Day most women want diamonds and pearls not this girl and my hubby knows it! I want SLEEP...Austin has become our tummy sleeper and while he is now getting amazing amounts of sleep at night mommy is not. I have this fear inside that if anything happens its all my fault. The doctor warned us about SIDS. I hate SIDS. What the heck is it. No one can tell you how it happens or what will prevent it...just that lying a baby on his back decreases the chances. So of course we can never take the easy road with Austin who wants to sleep on his tummy. Rob gets me the Angel Care monitor for Valentines Day ( I love that man) this monitor feels for movement in the crib (i.e. breathing) so if there is no movement after 20 seconds it sends off alarms and I can come running. I have now been getting a lot better sleep in my own bed AMAZING! Thank you honey!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

At Wits End

I do believe that the phrase "At my wits end" came from a mother of multiples. I have never before reached the point where I was at a wit end until this week. Jason is impossible to get down for naps or bed time :/ Once you get the boy down everything is peachy but getting him down is a fierce battle which he is currently winning. I am at the point where I don't even want to try putting him in his crib eh but I know that I have to keep it up. That is where my wit ends! On a lighter note the boys have taken notice of each other this week. I caught them laying on a blanket just starring at one another. I hope that they love each other and are best buds some day. It is hard at this age to keep them together. I mean entertaining two 4 month olds all day long makes you crazy by the days end. I feel bad that I have kept them so separate  but I don't know how to make sure they are getting enough sleep and eating well with Austin crying like he does and Jason refusing to sleep. Some how we will figure it out. I do however have a photo treat for all of you.

Austin wants to crawl to the bug so bad. He is talking to it.